Buying discounted sunscreen online? You might be getting a fake

Oct 24 , 2022

Buying discounted sunscreen online? You might be getting a fake

Counterfeit sunscreen products sold online may lack a sunscreen filter, raising the risk of UV damage and skin cancer, doctors say.

Online shopping for skincare products often offers enticing deals, but the allure of discounted sunscreen may come with a hidden risk. Counterfeit sunscreen products available online might lack essential sunscreen filters, significantly elevating the potential for UV damage and skin cancer, caution medical professionals.

While we all appreciate a great bargain, it's crucial to consider the authenticity and effectiveness of products bought from unofficial online sources. A recent article from CNA, dated October 24, 2022, highlights the amplified risk associated with counterfeit sunscreen products.

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Stay vigilant as you shop and find peace of mind by sourcing your skincare products from trusted, legitimate channels. Your skin's health and safety are worth the extra caution.

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