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@yvonnechua 睫毛弯弯 眼睛眨呀眨 😉✨ 我手上拿着的就是来自 @revitalashmy 的Advanced Eyelash Serum 啦💖 这支Advanced Eyelash Serum自 2007 年以来已售出 960 万件,不夸张地说,几乎每 33 秒就售出一支!

@ann_pow It is believed that 90% of the signs of skin aging are due to sun exposure. 😰 Especially people who same like me love the outdoor sports so much , must pay more attention to sun protection ‼️

@julenekhor_ 我最近才接触的超 厉 害 护肤组合- 双胞胎姐妹!🤣 【Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque】 - 敷在臉上15mins后,再撕下面膜 肌肤瞬间被提亮! - 敏感肌可用 温和性&去角质面膜 - 深沉洁净 - 抗氧化 過後再塗上: 【Evening Restorative Complex】 - 高效改善细纹的moisturizer - 紧致肌肤

@kathhhrine Say goodbye to dark spots and pigmentations with @neostratamy ‘s dark spot corrector. ✨

Bernice Dermaskinshop is super generous in giving samples for me to try. My skin improved so much after using it! :) Definitely will continue to buy more in the future!

NEOSTRATA Firm your neck with NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream. Hydrate, firm and smooth aging skin with this unique neck treatment. Formulated especially for the challenging neck and décolletage area, this clinically proven cream builds volume to plump and firm sagging skin.

Yong Jia Wei Results from Skin Transformation Program: lighten acne scars, reduce formation of new pinples & brighter skin complex.

Shi Yun Kuan Results from Skin Transformation Program: dark areas appear to be breaking up. skin appears brighter & more luminous.

Zenn Lee Results from Skin Transformation Program: Brighter skin tone especially cheeks part



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