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Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Complex Plus | 4 x 5.5ml

Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Complex Plus | 4 x 5.5ml

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Expiry Date: 31.03.2025

Shock treatment with an intensive renewing and brightening action. It contains 15% isolated Vitamin C, ensuring maximum effectiveness.


4 weeks of intensive antioxidant, revitalizing and brightening treatment. Concentrated solution with 15% Vitamin C that stimulates the skin's protection against free radicals, delaying premature aging. Its improved formula includes active ingredients that promote epidermal renewal, revealing a revitalized and bright skin.

Suitable as an intensive shock treatment for skin with a lack of luminosity and tone uniformity and with the first signs of aging.

Suitable for: all skin types

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Extracto biotecnológico marino, [meso]epigen system™, Niacinamide, Vitamin C

For 4 weeks. The Vitamin C is encapsulated in the protective cap to preserve its properties intact until use. Before applying, activate the Vitamin C by following these two steps: - Remove the safety cap and replace it with the one containing the pure Vitamin C capsule. - Press the bottle cap all the way. This will release Vitamin C. - Shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes and set for 2 minutes more before replacing the cap with the dropper. After two minutes, you can apply it at night on clean, dry skin. Spread evenly across the face using gentle massages until fully absorbed. Each bottle is designed for 7 days of treatment. To keep the skin in optimal condition, we recommend repeating the treatment every 4 months.